Exclusivity is the common thread of our ceremony collections. Our tailors, true masters of excellence and custodians of Italian sartorial knowledge, work with passion and dedication together with the customer to realize unique creations, each designed to express the personality of every man when he celebrates the unique moments and special days destined to become part of the album of memories that will last a lifetime.
Behind this lies a process that involves 240 individual steps which, from the design to the choice of the fabric, from the tailoring to the last ironing phase, involves over 30 hours of careful craftsmanship in which more than 6,000 invisible hand-worked stitches are sewn, in each of which we express our care and extreme attention to every detail.
Whether it’s a tailcoat, a morning suit, a tuxedo or a lounge suit, we work with passion to give the customer the thrill of experiencing the most important occasions of his life while wearing a suit that represents his style, personalizing it with unique details, which our master tailors create with the wisdom that comes from centuries-old tradition.