The mission of our Antichi Telai Bespoke section, the pinnacle of men’s tailoring aimed at gentlemen who love to stand out in terms of elegance and personality,
is to know and embrace the personality of each man, so that each suit, the result of a harmonious dialogue with the Master Tailor, perfectly reflects his most authentic character.

Men who, in their hectic professional life and in their free time love to wear unique garments that, despite the norms of sartorial tradition, express their individual style through modern details in cuts, fabrics, colors and exclusive customizations capable of making them unique without giving up the essential elements of elegance, revisited in a modern key.


Our bespoke service follows the customer all over the world. Wherever his work leads him, our dedicated Master Tailors will be at his disposal to meet him in the privacy of his home, in the comfort of his office or in any other place he is at ease, to satisfy his tailoring needs.
Every detail, from the cut to the lapel, from the buttons to the lining, is designed by our tailors to give the clothes the customer’s unique.

and personal style granting a discreet elegance that is expressed soberly in the attention to detail, in the aesthetics and in the supreme wearability of unique garments, destined for the wardrobes of the world’s most elegant, demanding and influential men.