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Antichi Telai, tailors since 1894. Maria Taddeo with her sons Antonio and Saviano Di Pietrantonio: “we look at the past to see the future.”

History it’s us, says a famous song.
Everybody writes the history with his own, personal history and we are aware of the good things that our firm did with its particular history.
We learnt many things from our parents: teachings, passion, experience, love for our work. Our parents were taylors, since 1894.
A life spent improving and improving, day after day.

The satisfaction to make the most particular of our customers, happy to wear our clothes; curiosity together with a constant wish to discover new quality yarns; experimentation and use of the most suitable cuttings. These issues represent what our mission is! A mission started at the and of the nineteenth century. A still topical mission, at the beginning of the third millennium. We keep on growing, our work evolves continuously, we look at the guide-lines of a tradition teaching all over the world.

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